The Catering Equipment Distributors Association (CEDA) brings together the UK’s best and most professional catering equipment distributors. CEDA represents forward thinking catering equipment distributors who share best practice, and forms a single strong voice on industry issues.

More than 120 members and partners offer local and national support to all types of caterer and catering operator across the public and private sectors. Most of the catering equipment sold in the UK is supplied and supported by CEDA members in some way.

CEDA provides: –

  • Reliable and confidential advice to end-users planning, setting-up and operating professional kitchens and catering operations
  • Technical information on, and awareness raising of, critical issues impacting on catering equipment covering areas such as: plumbing, gas and electrical supplies and building works such as new floors, walls or ceilings
  • Access to ongoing training for catering staff and managers in the correct use of new and existing equipment
  • After sales support, service, preventative maintenance and breakdown cover
  • Catering equipment distributors with a platform to win new business and raise their profile at the local and national levels
  • Education and personal development opportunities to those within and from outside the industry